About the Committee

Committee for the freezing of terrorist funds

A committee called the Committee for the Freeze of Terrorist Funds is established in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to freeze the assets of terrorists or other assets of persons designated by the United Nations Sanctions Committee established under Security Council resolutions if they operate under Chapter VII of the UN Charter. Or who have been classified at the national level, or at the request of another State based on Security Council resolutions of:
First: Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq as President ”
Second: Director General of the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Office as Vice-President
Thirdly: a representative of the following bodies shall have at least the title of a director general or a dean for the military
A – Ministry of Finance.
B-  The Ministry of the Interior.
C-  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
D-  Ministry of Justice.
E-  The Ministry of Commerce.
F-   Ministry of Communications.
G – Ministry of Science and Technology.
H-  Integrity Commission.
I – Counterterrorism Agency.
J-  The National Intelligence Service.

The Committee shall undertake the following tasks:
1. The names of persons whose funds have been frozen shall be deposited in the official website of the Security Council’s sanctions committee to the competent authorities without delay for the purpose of taking the necessary measures to freeze the funds or other assets of designated persons and designated entities or funds of persons and entities acting on their behalf or on their behalf or at their direction , Including funds and other assets derived or generated from property owned or controlled directly or indirectly by such persons or entities associated with them. The Commission may freeze the assets, branches and spouses of any designated persons if justified .

2. Organize a local list of terrorist persons and terrorist organizations that meet the criteria for freezing. Based on the information provided by the competent authorities.

3. Receiving applications received by the Foreign Ministry from foreign countries regarding the freezing of funds and other assets of persons residing in the Republic of Iraq, verifying the availability of the freezing criteria and issuing its decision accordingly.